Friday, February 12, 2010

Our Masterpiece

The 1st Edition of Our Scuba Diving T-Shirt : Divers Do It Deeper

I made this from recycled film case (enclosure). As a symbol of support "keep our environment clean" I spent some of my time crafting this MINI DIVERS KIT that can be used to keep small items such as screws, buttons and many more.

If your love ones is a avid scuba diver, this can be a perfect gift for 'em. Something simple yet meaningful suits the famous motto of Scuba Diving "Blow Bubbles and be Happy

Contact me via email and place your order, for KL folks you can set an appointment with me so that you can choose by yourself. Very cheap price offered, RM4/pc ONLY. That's the price that we can contribute to save our environment.

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